Guangzhou EPRO

Incorporated in 2009, Guangzhou EPRO Information Technology Company Limited (GZ EPRO) is a joint venture of EPRO Group, holding company of EPRO TechSoft Limited, and Guangzhou RunSoft Software Company Limited (RunSoft). Situated in Guangzhou Nan Sha “Guangdong Disabled Persons Information Industrial Park” as the park’s management unit in 2010, GZ EPRO is one of the first batch of enterprises to operate in the park. Also, GZ EPRO obtained the “Value-added Telecommunications Business (Contact Centre Business) License” and undertaking the “Guangdong Disabled Persons Contact Centre Service” for Guangdong Disabled Persons’ Federation.


Apart from providing professional and reliable contact centre services to our clients, GZ EPRO also aims at offering large scale employment opportunities to disabled persons. In year 2011, GZ EPRO obtained the “Certificate of Social Enterprise” issued by Bureau of Civil Affairs of Guangzhou Municipality. As the first Disabled Persons Contact Centre Employment Base in China, GZ EPRO is a Disabled Persons Contact Centre recognized by China Government and also the only Disabled Persons Training and Placement Base in Guangzhou.

Guangzhou EPRO

offers our clients the superior services

Contact Centre Outsourcing and Insourcing Service

Contact Centre Facility Management Service

Contact Centre Training and Consultation Service

Contact Centre Training Site Rental

Contact Centre System Solution

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