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Insourcing Services

Insourcing (also known as ‘secondment’) Services include the process to assign well-trained contact centre agents on site to help clients to cope with their short-term or long-term contact centre development requirements.

EPRO is able to recruit or deploy suitable Customer Service Representatives, Telemarketers, Helpdesk Experts, IT Specialists or Insurance Agents to fulfil clients’ requirements in terms of quantity, qualifications, skill-sets as well as service period with a short lead time.

This service is a cost-effective alternative particularly suitable to clients who require a large number of seasoned agents and management professionals to meet either long term or seasonal business needs.

Clients can proactively adjust the number of staffing requirements regularly or as needed with EPRO’s services. With such flexible, clients will be able to achieve saving on operating costs and facilitate a more effective utilization of valuable in-house resources.

Advantages of using EPRO’s Insourcing Services:

  • Sizable agent pool supporting client’s demand at all time
  • Short lead time for providing candidates / agents
  • Rich experience and resources in staff recruitment
  • Call centre-savvy agent shorten learning curve of new program/clients
  • Offer buy-in option, desirable to client and agent
  • Flexible remuneration packages to suit specific requirements

In our insourcing model, EPRO takes care of every stage of the recruitment process:

Recruitment Advertising

Agent Selection



Comprehensive Call Centre Training

Clients can rest assured with a rich supply of experienced call centre agents for their service and deployment.